Sigulda is one of the most beautiful city of Latvia and a popular day trip from Riga. It’s especially impressive in autumn because the colorful foliage adds attractiveness to the gorgeous landscape. When Latvians say let’s go to Sigulda, they most likely mean visiting at least two places: Sigulda town on the left bank of the Gauja river and Turaida on the right bank. Even though Turaida is a part of Sigulda town nowadays, it proudly wears its separate name. What’s so special about this place besides the colorful leaves?

It has very rich natural landscapes, historical sites including several castles, a developed net of hiking trails offering the best views, and the old river bed of the Gauja river. For winter time, it has skiing slopes and a bobsleigh track. It’s also part of Gauja National park with even more things to explore.


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